Wine-related legislation and THE label

The Slovenian Wine Law dated from 2006 integrates the European wine-related legislature completely while maintaining some Slovenian particularities. In Slovenia, wines are divided into two groups:

Namizno vino (Table wine) which includes table wines and table wines with geographical indication - deželno vino PGO (similar to vin de pays, Landwein or IGT) and

Kakovostno vino ZGP (Quality wines PSR) - produced in specified region, which also include vrhunsko vino ZGP (Premium Quality Wines), which represent the top of the quality pyramid.

Wines with recognised traditional denominationvino PTP belong to the group of quality wines as well:

  • Cviček PTP, which is a name for the light reddish wine, produced of white and red varietals (Žametovka, Kraljevina, Modra frankinja, Laški rizling ). This wine can only be found in the district of Dolenjska

  • Teran PTP, produced from the red variety of Refošk from the Kras district strongly influenced by the soil it grows in – terra rossa. 

  • Metliška črnina PTP is a red blend made of Modra frankinja, Šentlovrenka, Modra portugalka  and Gamay. This wine is produced in Bela krajina

  • Belokranjec PTP is a white blend of Kraljevina and Laški rizling and at times of  Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Zeleni silvanec, Sivi pinot and Beli pinot. It is also produced in Bela krajina        

Sweet wines produced from overly ripe grapes – so called “predicate” wines; only premium wines accompanied by additional traditional expressions – pozna trgatev (late vintage), izbor (selection), jagodni izbor (berry selection, suhi jagodni izbor (dry berry selection), ledeno vino (ice wine), vino iz sušenega grozdja (wine made of dried grapes) – qualify for this category.

In wine labelling, wines are also categorised in those with and without protected geographic origin. To deserve protected geographic origin, a wine has to pass obligatory organoleptic evaluations and physicochemical analysis. With the exception of deželno vino PGO(regional wine) – table wines without geographic origin are not produced in Slovenia.

In Slovenia, the vine variety is the decisive factor when purchasing wine. Vine variety and vintage are to be stated on deželno, kakovostno and vrhunsko labels.

Mlado or novo vino - is a special designation for wines of the current vintage, and they are allowed to be marketed till 31st of January after the year following the vintage.

Arhivsko vino – (archive wine) is a designation reserved for wines which are usually more than three years old, even though legally the age is not determined.




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